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Sophisticated Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can create dynamic scenes, enable immersive environments, and save money. By manipulating dynamic color and intensity levels over time, lighting controls can dramatically enhance the built environment. Providing flexible concepts in the design brief means, as the project matures, the implementation of the intelligent control scenarios will evolve organically. Our controls experience is borne from a diverse portfolio of both permanent and temporary installations: from retail/themed environments to museum exhibition and from hospitality to live theatrical events.
Project Support
From initial concept to final client hand over, we provide a full service solution. Our qualified team can provide a range of services including: design charettes, mockups, documentation, commissioning assistance, and training. Our commitment does not necessarily end with project hand over; we can provide post-installation support including routine maintenance and revised programming.
When a project moves beyond the simple wall switch needing multiple users with levels of access or an interactive sensory experience, a more complex system is required. Our depth of experience means Available Light will develop the right-sized solution for you.
Integrating lighting controls into an overall design and customizing system attributes from labelling faceplates to tailoring webpage interfaces ensures an intuitive user experience seamlessly crossing real and virtual worlds.
A door opening, people in motion, a light-sensitive photocell, a smartphone command, or a time clock event all represent potential triggers. With successful planning, dynamic lighting control will be invisible to the passive user.
Lighting controls can be integrated with multiple other building systems. From a color-changing light show synchronized to an audio track to immersive dynamic lighting conditions triggered by real-time weather or traffic reporting, a well conceived lighting controls system provides the backbone of integrated design.
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