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What We Believe


Imagination meets decades of lighting design experience. Our team of professional theatrical and architectural designers is infused with creative vision, fueled by imagination & fired with enthusiasm.


Dynamic and real; drama is the hallmark of our work as we transform concepts into a visual fabric that is at once vibrant, compelling and entertaining.


Unique to Available Light is our collected decades of experience working with designers, architects, engineers and contractors to integrate specialty lighting techniques within permanent structures.


We work with our clients to transform visual concepts into unique environments.


In a world increasingly focused on LEED certification, sustainability and intelligently managing the consumption of precious resources, Available Light is intensely focused on creating captivating environments that consume less energy while beating the financial challenges that owners face.

The Available Light design team has combined experience in architecture, theater, computer automation, lighting control & interface design, equipment specification, and special events production.

Our services include a comprehensive delivery of the design phase process from master planning and documentation through to final lighting equipment adjustment and maintenance schedules.

Our team is expert in LEED accreditation management, photometric calculations, computer daylight studies & simulations, photographic representations, and mock-up production. Our team is committed to providing the precise specifications, accurate budgeting, and timely work products essential to any successful project. Our goal at Available Light is to balance creativity, adept technical solutions, and common sense. We work as a team, to deliver our skills and experience in the service of our client's vision.






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