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Woods Hill Pier 4

The new 7,000 sq. ft. Woods Hill Pier 4 is located in the Boston Seaport District with magnificent harbor views on three sides. The team was tasked with developing a restaurant interior worthy of the spectacular setting.

Inspiration came from the previous famous restaurant on the pier, Anthony’s, in the form of a nautical decor, combined with the rustic charm of sister restaurant, Woods Hill Table in West Concord MA. By day, to deliver the notion that diners are outside overlooking the harbor, the interior lighting is tuned to be the color of daylight. With the setting sun, the lighting in the dining room dims and transitions to a warm and romantic candle light ambiance. The transformation is breathtaking. Specialty areas like the bar and private dining room have discrete and dynamic lighting systems that can be manipulated to accommodate diners or events.

A sophisticated lighting controls system keeps track of all the custom programming and runs on an astronomical time clock-based sunrise and sunset.


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