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Analog Devices, Inc. World Headquarters

The project entailed transforming an existing decades-old office/manufacturing facility into a new worldwide Headquarters Campus for Analog Devices, a Fortune 500 tech company. The project began with the design and construction of three new buildings: the Community Hub, the Office/Research Building, and a 750-car Parking Garage. Already underway are complete renovations of existing campus buildings.

Lighting and environmental techniques developed for the new 175,000 sq. ft. Office/Research Building have become standards for company spaces worldwide. In a celebration of the corporate culture, a sophisticated interior/exterior balance was achieved by employing "corporate" blue light for both interior indirect ceiling uplights and exterior accented facade elements.

The arrival plaza creates a new and stunning energy to the campus. The exterior lighting of the buildings uses a combination of “lantern effect” coupled with thoughtful illumination of selected vertical surfaces creating a lovely, layered effect.

One of the many special details of the lighting design includes where bridges intersect buildings: a halo of blue light seeps out. The entire bridge effect is akin to a futuristic space station science-fiction film.


Wilmington MA


Architect: Baker Design Group






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