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The Bell Museum

The Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota is an inspiring collection that fuses iconic decades-old natural setting dioramas with a plethora of new exhibits, learning laboratories, and a forward-thinking design to showcase the ever-changing dynamics of the natural world. Exhibits encourage visitors to delve into the world around them, document what they see, and develop an understanding of life science — all in service of fostering a desire to become a good steward of nature.

Providing a snapshot of daylight in many forms was of paramount importance in capturing life in the wild within the confines of interior museum dioramas. Exhibit experiences were treated with multiple layers of light sympathetic to and protective of specimens, objects, graphics, and more. To maintain a connection to the outdoors, and limited to highly controlled areas, natural light streams in.

Delicate lighting techniques reveal the natural textures and colors of the exhibits while bold but restrained pops of color add drama and hierarchy to this magnificent exploration of biodiversity.


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