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National Museum of the United States Army

At over 45,000 square feet of exhibition space, the visitor experience at the National Museum of the United States Army begins with a series of 42 illuminated stainless-steel pylons, each containing the story of a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice and continues through eleven galleries that dig deep into the Army's history, from its founding in 1775 to modern American society. The galleries are connected by a 300’ long multimedia-rich concourse.

Beginning with the Army’s formation in the Revolutionary War, each subsequent gallery explores a conflict that helped define America, both at home and abroad. Each moment reflects a deep historical treatment using artifacts, tableaus, cast figures, macro-scale artifacts, synchronized A/V presentations, and more to tell the story of how specific events shaped a nation.

The exhibit lighting system deploys LED technology; multiple layers of light were used to enrich and enliven the dynamic stories told throughout the visitor experience. With a typical ceiling height of 27’, the unusually tall space allows for multiple instances of full-blown theatrical immersion while artifact conservation lighting was critical throughout. Display cases employ a sophisticated fiber-optic spotlight system ensuring the collection is dramatically illuminated and protected from degradation for generations to come.


Fort Belvoir, VA


Exhibit Designer: Eisterhold Associates






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